Very exciting to have got your book home, Katie – The High-heeled Leader. I couldn’t resist starting to read it, even though it was late evening; many congratulations on it being published and your great work – it’s so clearly written, very accessible, informative and interesting, and I really hear your voice shining through. It will be a fascinating read for men and women, but mostly for women who, as you say, ready to embrace their feminine power in life and work x
Caroline Sherrard
Wow, your opening chapter tells quite a story – dreadful but inspiring. Nobody can say that you haven’t experienced the rough end of life. Your mother sounds like a very special lady – you must be very proud of her. You are certainly a survivor and clearly a very special lady yourself – she must be very proud of you.
By “Setting the Scene” you have exposed your experiences, influences and interests which credibly accounts for your offering to the wider world. That is a very powerful base from which to proceed. I predict that once your book is published, the world and his brother will want to tell you their story. Brace yourself for the deluge!

I am making good progress and have reached the belief exercises on page 75. I will take my time with them. So far so good.