In a nut shell…

This program quickly raises the awareness of diversity within the workplace and within our lives generally. It allows people to think outside the box and understand that actually:

Diversity = Common Sense

Who is this course ideal for?

The area of Diversity can be paralysing and de-motivating if it is approached the wrong way, or it can be the route to creating a dynamic, healthy and sustainable organisation if handled correctly. This programme is for anyone who wishes to find their way out of the diversity maze.

What will be achieved?

You will leave the day with an understanding of:

  • Recognising difference (they are not all obvious)
  • Understanding the difference between equality and diversity
  • Exclusion and inclusion
  • Appreciating others
  • Celebrating difference

The day provides food for thought and a balanced view of how to incorporate diversity within your everyday life without getting bogged down with political correctness.