Firstly, thank you for your session last Wednesday. I have received some very positive feedback following the session. I think initially, some of them didn’t know what they had let themselves in for and it was great to see everyone relax and enjoy the session. That is in the main down to your great presenting so thank you for making it a success!

I am more surprised to see how little number of blues there were, which encouraged a lot of discussion and topics over dinner that evening and reference to colours was heard throughout the next day!

Thank you once again for your presentation and making the session valuable and enjoyable.

Clare Mathieson, DipM (MCIM), Marketing Manager, PRGX UK, Ltd

I would like to let you know that your Creating the Right Impression Course yesterday (27 June) in Epsom was superb, I have attended many brilliant courses over the years, but yesterdays course I feel was, without doubt, the best ever. I must say that you presented the course so very well and it touched my mind very closely. As a good quality Trainer myself I recognised the very high quality of your presentation techniques.

The result of the exercise with the coloured cards identified my character so impressively, and gave a fantastic indication as to how to manage it.

I must say that your interpretation of Psychology and how to manage it was so amazing.

All of the exercises were excellent, and very revealing.

Many thanks to you, you have given me the opportunity to get back to wider job satisfaction.

Very Best Regards,

Kevin Lindborg, VMSM MIET, Business Manager - Defence Assurance Principal Systems Engineer, Communications Atkins Global, Defence CIDA Trainer
Thank you so much for the development day. I have now spoken with the team and everyone both thoroughly enjoyed the day but also derived significant personal and team benefit from it. Your skill and personality in delivery were fantastic. It certainly achieved my objectives of individual and collective development and I am very grateful to you in helping us. I will recommend you to others.
Chief Superintendant Neil Jerome, Divisional Commander, North Division Kent Police
I would just like to say what a fantastic course you gave. I had to give careful consideration before giving up two days, time being so precious, and was looking to be convinced I had made the right decision (management courses and hot dinner are a close call over the years). I needn’t have worried. I can genuinely say I felt I had one of the most inspired experiences to date.

I won’t go into al the multi faceted aspects the course has to offer (I want to keep this to one page). I did not expect to find, by getting a group of people together of obviously different personalities and temperament to work so coherently and collectively together. But herein lies the values of what happened, namely, by making us understand ourselves we could use this in a team work scenario where the “sum of the whole GREATLY out weighed the sum of the parts.”

Taking this back to my day to day working environment will have impressive results, verging on the frightening. I look forward to applying what came out of the course, not just in my business life but in my personal life too, and would not hesitate to recommend you to other businesses.

Gerard Larkin Director, Pinnacle Publishing Ltd
This course has provided me with the alternative thought process I have been searching for, with a focus on personal development for all elements of my life both personal and business. I look forward to utilising and developing the skills I have learnt and sharing my experience with others.
Paul Vine Managing Director, Electrotec Ltd
Call it vanity or a fact, but people do care about what you look like. Get it badly wrong and they will comment. Get it right and it can make the difference between striking up a conversation with a potential client or losing the opportunity.

Most guys, whether they are prepared to admit it or not, do care about how they look in and out of the work place. Agree to varying different degrees, but half of the problem is that we do not have the natural “want to shop gene” or more importantly have the time to spend looking at the choices of clothes on offer.

I wanted to leave Katie’s Men’s Day having achieved the following:

• Save time shopping and make it easy
• Save money knowing what not to buy
• Confidence that my clothes were appropriate and made me look my best

Full marks on all counts, Katie. This is that tailor made bit of focussed advice that nobody has ever taken you aside for that could really make the difference!

John Males Partner, Watson Associates Registered Auditors, Accountants, Business Advisers
I am a very confident and outgoing person but I knew that my appearance did not quite give off the messages that my confidence was supposed to convey. As I am a confidence coach I knew that it was important that my outside appearance fitted in with my inner confidence and that is where Katie came to the rescue. She showed me what colours made me come alive and how, by using the right combination, I could not only remove years from my looks but also size. If you want to increase our confidence in your look by the size that it reduces you, then look no further than Katie Day Consultancy. She also enabled me to have a wonderful day shopping for clothes that I know I can wear with confidence and bask in the compliments that being dressed in the colours that suit you do for your appearance.
Meg Heyworth, Speak-with-Confidence
Katie has helped me immensely at a challenging and difficult time in my personal and professional life.

To be able to express my thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism or judgement has been very liberating and the process that has been followed feels natural and unobtrusive. I have been able to develop thoughts and ideas on topics of my choosing and take actions that are right for me.

Vernon Legge, St James’s Place Partnership
3G Ltd are a high quality company and our clientele demand a high level of service and support. As such I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the way you helped us and me particularly as Managing Director focus on what we needed to do in order to be more effective in our business.

I particularly like the way in which you used your skills to help us identify what actually needed to be done rather than tell us what to do. As a business man I am mainly results driven and I want to say that after working with you we have been able to increase effective selling time along with reducing time spent on needless functions. This has caused us a direct increase in turnover and more importantly profitability. Figures for the first quarter show profit up by 30% or more.

On final comment is that I have been able to use the techniques you showed us in my personal life with huge benefits for me and my family. I have no hesitation in recommending you at every opportunity as a business professional that can definitely help any business regardless of activity or size.

David King, 3G Ltd Managing Director
Exceeded all of my expectations. I have learnt a great deal. I can express myself better. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I can now speak without shaking!
David Ward
Came up to all of my expectations, the tips and techniques for composure and image awareness were very useful. The day was worth every penny and the course is useful for any business or personal situation.
Edward Clarke
The course met all of its stated objectives and more, I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. I was pleasantly surprised. The day built up my confidence and all of the sessions helped me in one way or another.
Mielo Ashby-Grote
I couldn’t pinpoint one specific area that was of greatest benefit as the whole programme was excellent and I gained something from every single segment. The programme was extremely positive and inspiring and made me feel that I was valuable to the company. As a result my attitude to my job and working here will change for the better.
Linda Mulcahy
The programme has provided me with the necessary tools to handle difficult situations which will enable me to put my point across and resolve the situation in a satisfactory manner to all involved. By being more assertive I can prioritise my workload better, maximising the time in the office. The programme also helped me to value my time and work for the company.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to speak freely about, discuss and analyse problems that arise in the working environment, as well as the chance to examine possible ways of tackling some of these.

Roser Badia de Haro
The greatest benefit of attending this programme has been basically being able to focus on myself, first evaluating and estimating my nature and behaviour, and then trying to change it, as I will not be able to achieve better effectiveness at the office unless I change myself, my attitude, perception and behaviour.

I will now try and be more active and pro-active. I have been taught how to value myself and other people and this will help me do things differently.

Oksana Pak
Every aspects of the objectives for the day were met and it surpassed all of my expectations. I learnt something from everyone and my eyes were opened to a whole load of new ideas. A fun filled day full of fantastic features.
Anne Sherrington