katieAt2I grew in the 70’s where the career talks for girls we very restricted to ‘doing something until you got married and had children.’ I fell into that mind set as the world appeared to be abundant with jobs and opportunities then and I could have my choice of really interesting roles as a Secretary in London.

So I did a one year’s secretarial course after O Levels, left school on a Friday and started work the following Monday when I was 17, and have been working ever since!

However, it soon became apparent to me that I wanted more. The word ‘entrepreneur’ didn’t exist in vocabulary as it does now, so I didn’t realize what it was that was driving me to ‘not be stuck.’ But it was the late 70’s, I was working in London, near Carnaby Street and then in Covent Garden and frankly I was having a ball!

But despite this era of fun and no responsibilities, I knew deep inside of me that I strove for more. Whenever I have done any personality profiling in the past, my leading driver in life is autonomy. It is essential that I drive my life and am able to make my own decisions, changing direction at the drop of a hat if circumstances dictate.

So in the late 1980’s I took ownership of my career and changed direction. I started by training with the UK’s leading Style Consultant and proceeded to take many men and women through their personal branding. Clients were delighted with the sessions, and then approached me to say that their outside was perfect, but their inside could do with a bit of help! So I extended my training to include personal development and confidence.

I took this expertise and experience to the financial district of London where I worked with many people from a variety of organizations, enabling them to step into their personal spotlight and shine, whatever that looked like for them. I spent many years working with FTSE 250 companies in the UK on their Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Diversity agendas. I witnessed some amazing transformations within companies once they had clear guidelines and strategies in place for making sustainable change.

In the early 2000’s I trained to become a Business Coach, all my training programs have a coaching ethos running through them and I ensure all my training is measurable for impact and action focused.

I have been running my own training company since 2004 and love my work as much now as I did at the beginning of this journey. In fact, I stopped working in 1989 and have spent the years since doing what I love with the huge privilege that people pay me for it!